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A West Wing Writing Community

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Inspired by Frondfic's word-a-month writing exercise, this is a West Wing fanfic challenge community. At the beginning of every month a different word will be posted in the community with a definition, and users will attempt to write a short story or drabble based around that word.


~ New challenges will be posted on the first of every month. You will have until the end of the month to post a response.

~ All stories must be posted behind lj-cuts.

~ All pairings and genres are welcome.

~ If your story is rated R or above, or features spoilers (*grumbles from her season 4/5 limbo*) remember to give readers fair warning.

~ No flaming. Treat others with respect, or Lionel will kill you with a cricket bat.

~ This is not a drabble community. Drabbles are quite welcome, but stories are not limited to 100 words. There's no restrictions on length.

~ You're welcome to respond to previous challenges, as well as current ones.