_ (zzb) wrote in tww_words,

Title: Not Right.

Rating: PG

Character(s): Sam

Challenges: There are so many challenges this can be linked to. February’s “Broken,” June’s “No,” and October’s “Pride” seem most applicable.

Spoilers: Up through Season 4

A/N: My first drabble. Wait, scratch that. First piece of voluntary creative writing. Ever. Don't crucify me. It took enough courage posting this in the first place.</span>



He had lost Lisa.

But he’d never really loved her.

He was not the right man for that woman.


He had lost his shot at partner at Gage Whitney.

But he hadn’t really wanted to spend his life protection oil corporations form litigation. He was not the right man for that job.


He had lost the California 47th.

But he hadn’t expected to win, as a liberal Democrat.

He was not the right man for that district.


He had lost his job at the White House.

Deputy Director of Communications.

Maybe he was not the right man for that, too.

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