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Listen (J/D)

Title: Listen
Author: Michelle K. (
Category: ficlet, Josh/Donna
Rating: PG
Challenge: tww_words, October: Pride
Summary: You can't do this again.

Disclaimer: Not mine. Don't sue.


He only comes to you when he has no one else to turn to. And you let him in, because you love him (though you often doubt if you're in love with him anymore). You let him in, and you let him use you. You let him in, and you don't object when he leaves. You let him in, and you never say another word about it.

You won't do that anymore.

It makes you feel heartless, but you tell yourself you're growing a backbone. You're treating yourself with the respect that he is too broken and tired to give. So you sit still and listen to him knock. You sit still, and tell yourself you don't love him anymore. You sit still, and you lie.

You listen to his retreating footsteps.

You feel stronger and weaker at the same time.

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