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Choice (Bruno/Donna, NC-17)

Title: Choice
Author: Michelle K. (
Pairing: Bruno/Donna
Rating: NC-17
Rating: He finds her quite exceptional.

Disclaimer: Not mine. Don't sue.


Donna is quite an exceptional fuck.

Had he known that before, not been fooled by her wide eyes and innocent visage, he certainly would've made her his campaign affair. Not that Margaret wasn't good. Just that Donna is amazing.

He groans as his cock slips out of her mouth. He thrusts forward, but she shakes her head. Taking a firm grip on his cock, she lowers her mouth to his balls. He hisses as she licks and sucks underneath, her fingers flexing around him.

She lets go without a word of warning, then straddles his mouth. He plunges his tongue inside her as she returns her mouth to his erection. With his hands, he strokes her thighs and backside. With his tongue, he makes her moan around his cock.

"Donna," he mutters. "I'm gonna come."

She releases him for a moment. "Just keep doing what you were doing."

He obeys -- because, well, why the fuck wouldn't he want to? -- trying to concentrate on licking her no matter how much of his brain might be consumed by his own impending orgasm. It works and, as he does climax, he closes his lips around her engorged clit. The warmth of her mouth no longer envelops him, but her breath falls heavy against him. He slides one of his hands between her parted thighs, pushing a finger inside her as he continues to suck on her clit. She shudders around his digit, muttering his name as she comes.

She rolls off him and rests on her side, holding up her head with her hand. "You know," she begins, "if I knew your tongue was good for something other than condescension, I'd have done that a lot sooner."

"My tongue's good for a lot of things," Bruno counters. "You often mock people you go to bed with?"

She smiles. "Just having a little fun with you. Also, I thought you got turned on by antagonism."

"You really think you need tricks?"

"Never can tell." She pauses. "You know, we should do this again."

"You're already aware that I'm gonna need a few minutes."

Donna rolls her eyes. "I meant other than tonight."

Bruno nods. It would be a shame to let something like this happen on only one evening.

She's just too damn good.

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