My first challenge

Hey, I don't remember exactly how I found this community, but I'm glad I did. I'm responding to this month's challenge.

Title: To Break A Bond
Rating: PG
Character(s): Donna, and indirectly Josh
Spoilers: Everything through Impact Winter
Word Count: 275
Notes: snarl or entangle

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Title: Not Right.

Rating: PG

Character(s): Sam

Challenges: There are so many challenges this can be linked to. February’s “Broken,” June’s “No,” and October’s “Pride” seem most applicable.

Spoilers: Up through Season 4

A/N: My first drabble. Wait, scratch that. First piece of voluntary creative writing. Ever. Don't crucify me. It took enough courage posting this in the first place.</span>


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Word 12/04: Knot

Knot - n. 1 a A compact intersection of interlaced material, such as cord, ribbon, or rope. b A fastening made by tying together lengths of material, such as rope, in a prescribed way. 2 A decorative bow of ribbon, fabric, or braid. 3 A unifying bond, especially a marriage bond. 4 A tight cluster of persons or things. 5 A feeling of tightness. 6 A complex problem. v. 1 To tie in or fasten with a knot or knots. 2 To snarl or entangle.
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Word 11/04: Fire

Fire - n. 1 a combustion of substances with oxygen, giving out light and head. b flame or incandescence. 2 destructive burning. 3 a fervour, spirit, vivacity. b poetic inspiration. 4 burning heat, fever. v. to discharge a firearm or projectile; to detonate an explosive charge or device.
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Word 10/04: Pride

Yes, I am a horrible person who may or may not have forgotten to post the new word on Friday.

Pride - n. a feeling of honour and self-respect, of self-worth; excessive self-esteem, conceit; satisfaction or pleasure taken in one's own or another's success; a group of lions.
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