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My first challenge

Hey, I don't remember exactly how I found this community, but I'm glad I did. I'm responding to this month's challenge.

Title: To Break A Bond
Rating: PG
Character(s): Donna, and indirectly Josh
Spoilers: Everything through Impact Winter
Word Count: 275
Notes: snarl or entangle

He was so wrapped up in her life. Everywhere she turned in her apartment there was Josh: a picture of them from Inauguration night, his jacket he’d accidentally left the other night, the smell of his cologne that lingered on her couch pillows.

She had to quit. She didn’t have a choice. He was everything to her, and less than that to him. She swore she’d never do that again. She swore she’d never put her life on hold for a man like she’d done so many years before.

He was a part of her. She couldn’t bear to listen to his messages, his pleadings; she didn’t want to take his calls or reply to his emails. She wanted to be free of him (though not really); she needed to be somebody else, and with him she was a trusty sidekick, a confidant, a friend, an assistant, a pseudo-date, a reality check, everything he needed, and nothing he wanted. Too many titles, too may tangles.

She thought shutting him out would work, but it served the opposite. The more she ran, the more he followed. He’d never been the pursuer. She knew that well. She knew his style when it came to women. This was different. In one of those messages (she couldn’t bear to listen to) he’d said he needed her. She wasn’t sure what for. He never qualified that statement.

He didn’t need her. Any temp could do her job. She needed something more than he could give. She needed to have a relationship he could not complicate, a job where he wasn’t her boss, and a life that didn’t include Joshua Lyman.
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