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Angles (Leo/Donna/Josh, NC-17)

Title: Angles
Author: Michelle K. (
Category: Leo/Donna/Josh
Rating: NC-17
Summary: She's made her choice.

Disclaimer: Not mine. Don't sue.


When she suggested it, you thought it was just fun. A perk that came with having a younger, more adventurous lover.

Now, you wonder if it was her way to get your approval in her quest to fuck Josh Lyman.

No. You know.

Her head's thrown back as she rides him. Eyes closed, and maybe she doesn't remember you're there. That not too long ago, your tongue was inside her. Your mouth was on her breast. Her lips were around your cock before she opened her legs wide for you. And all the while, Josh was watching.

Probably with the same feeling of jealousy that pumps through your veins as you watch them.

But you want to quell his fears. Tell him: you had nothing to feel bad about. Because she's never been this way with you. She's never....

You close your eyes. She's made her choice.

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I half suspect you write these to amuse me alone. Yay, OTP!
To amuse you and mock myself. I actually have a strange desire to write Josh/Donna that has nothing to do with Leo being depressed. It's so *wrong.* Le sigh.
You tease and taunt me so when you say things like that. Wrrriite it!
Okay. It'll be interesting to see how this turns out. Perhaps I am more versatile than I think.